Marion Dutton

Marion (Maz) was born in Bury, in the North West of England in 1970 and is one of four children.  Art was always her favourite subject at school, and she was showing promising signs of becoming an established artist when she won the school prize in art at 15.  She went on to study art at A Level standard with view to furthering her education with a degree however, sadly her father died during her A Levels at the young age of 42.  This was a devastating time for Marion and her family, and she chose at that point to abandon her studies in favour of “just getting a job”.

Marion met her husband John at work in 1990.  They had their son Ashley three years later.  Their daughter Sophie was born on Ashley’s third birthday, and eighteen months later their youngest daughter Natasha was born.  The family was complete.

Marion’s love of art was re-ignited in 2005 whilst buying art material for one of the children’s school project.  Whilst the children were in bed she would paint and draw, and develop her skills.  She took a London Art College Pet Portrait Diploma and was awarded a Distinction, and she began taking commissions for pet portraits.  It wasn’t long after that she was approached to do people portraits as well.  Marion completed a Valerie Stewart Portrait Seminar in 2010 and took her studies further by completing an Alexander Certified Art Instructor Course in the early part of 2011.

As well as taking regular commissions for both portraits and pet portraits, Marion holds regular wet on wet oil painting classes in her private studio in Egerton, Bolton, and also runs portrait and pet portrait courses teaching students Underpainting, layering and glazing techniques to produce realistic and rich portraits.  Marion enjoys sharing the skills she has learnt over the years with students of all levels.  

“I have so many students who come to me wanting to learn how to paint, for so many different reasons.  For some, it has been a lifelong ambition something they have always wanted to do, and for others it is to find a rewarding and fulfilling pass time, and others still, to increase the existing abilities that they already have, water colourist and pastel artist wanting to give oils a try.    So many of my students have little faith in their own abilities to be able to put paint on canvas.   I find it incredibly rewarding when a student who has doubted, suddenly realises "wow yes I can paint", and I am proud that I have helped them find the confidence to give it a go.   Art is not for the elite of gifted, art is for us all to enjoy to whatever level we wish to take it too, and the only requirement needed to complete one of my day classes or courses is simply enthusiasm and the desire to learn.”  Marion.